Isnin, 7 Jun 2010


can you see me cry?
can you see me burst into tears?
can you see me runaway whenever i bumped into you?
have i ever said the "F" words infront of you?
and have you ever noticed, im doing my bunkface when speaking to you?

for god sake
not im not frustated
*maybe a bit*
but thats life aite
all i gotta do now is move on
i know i should not wasting my time waiting for you
my heart speaks louder than my heart
i quickly jumped into conclusion
but the best is yet to come
now i try to reheal my heart
i will stand by my own
i hide from my shadows and yes i will awake from this sorrow
sooner or later
everything gonna fine


*thanks to maher zain for the lovely voice of yours*

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