Khamis, 26 November 2009

sangat terkejut




tak de maknanya.

Isnin, 23 November 2009

sweaty sweet...

hari ini hari yang memenatkan
i went to sungai petani with my classmates today
syafiq ikut sekali -_-'
pergi ke bank islam dan makan rfc(RADIX FRIED CHICKEN)
please dont asked me about how it is taste.
i'll keep it as a secret
.........sungai petani kurang seronok
sebab pergi mall yang mundur.
tak best.
weih next time jum pergi sentral square.
tak payah. tak payah. village mall.
syafiq dah cakap tak best tapi kitaorang still insist want to go.
village mall we hate you.
ahahhaa..untuk masa ini je la.


cerita di sungai petani sudah tamat.
ok. petang ini sangat pelik! weih kenapa tetiba aku nak pi main bola?
gila pelik sial.
1st time kat uitm main bola.
aku main macam orang gila.
tak pandai main macam syafiq(pesanan syafiq:follow la blog aku plis2) handal kowt. patutlah ajak aku main bola semata2 nak gelakkan aku!
aku main bola.
tak tahu score berapa?
tapi ada orang cakap banyak.
juboq hang. aku kata
tadi aku main bola dan jadi penonton pemain bola sampai maghrib.
huhu,,gila lama kowt.
balik dari main bola aku joging!
gila sweaty.
besok aku nak main futsal lagi
woha..nak main bola keranjang pulak
duit dah habis banyak.
tapi masih ada yg tak setel lagi
haish...asal dunia macam ini.

p/s=syafiq bila nak buat presentation? pemalas eh kau bagi tahu pak cik hasan kang baru tahu.
amirul(amirul cakap klik sini and follow blog aku)

Sabtu, 21 November 2009


what a hillarious day today
today i went to pre-law student meeting. for part1 student
it is good i thinks. fun and in the same time i miss my home so badly
ahahaha,,enough for the homesick statement
such immature i thinks
it kind of awkward living here
it just too far from my home sweet home
ahahaha,,being here make me wanna to pukes and passive sometimes. only with my room mates and course mates i started to talk. i mean i talked to them with a standard tone that i usually used when i was in matriculation.
there are certain part that make me wanna cursed and yes there also a certain part that make me so thankful being here. (gasp!)
but, i know making friends is not easy as making a life partner!(thats more difficult i think.!!!!)

jerit weih jerit

the main theme i post this blog today!

now i know.
there are group of people out there who is building up their gangs and connection
there also a group of people who label and labeling others with the suitable names i thinks.
insanely genius name and very unique though. even, sometimes when i hear about it. it make make wanna to laughing my ass off.
that's so damn good guys.
keep it up.
by the way, i meet new friends today.

i dont know i come from which site of earth and gangs.
but so far i know. i dont want to be the one who label others. and yes i dont mind if u want to labeled me with any kinds of name u like. because i am type of person who doesn't give a shit about a issues like that.
because i know. after all it doesn't make any sense.
O_O. =P

and yes they paid for this gingko!-_-'

Jumaat, 20 November 2009


last night is the worse part of my life.
i was in my room sitting and staring at this 4 walls again
money is the big issues here
i tried to save money as possibly i can
seriously i never done this before
i was being so loony and sarcastic lately. my friend syafiq affandy andf please dont mention about amran and amirul here. one word for both of them hillarious.(hahahahhaa)
syafiq always teach me who to dance like wondergirls -_-'
he know all the step. that funny man. i haven't study anything yet. i tried to do some footnotes but when i start writing it my brain always give a false statement about things that i've read.
so before it getting more annoying i stopped. i rather listening to music and lay on the bed(that's so much relaxing).. last night, i went out for a dinner with bunch of my friends. even though, i was too lazy to go there but i force myself.
i have lots of assignment to do by the way.
thank god. its a group presentation. all i need to do is find the suitable information for our group.
this is the first time of my life celebrating a eid festivals without my siblings. i will celebrate it with my mak cik instead.. my mom gonna visit me there later on.
frankly, i missed science stuff.
but i love history more than sciences subject. L_L(ignore those f's!)
like my friend said "screw u physics!"
i want to add some more.

dear moon i was totally in lovelorn mood.
last night i talked to nurul syafeena binti nasir.
she's awesome.

p/s=this 25th of november my pspm result gonna be announce. hoping for the best.
good luck for others. dont worried. nobody want to kick your ass out. you all gonna be fine. the graph are so damned fucking low. you all gonna stay. believe me it just too easy to achieve 3.0. ignore about the 300 uh. semuanya khabar angin.


Khamis, 19 November 2009

Rabu, 18 November 2009

where we had our lives n glory here but its all fade when the polishing thing start to polish it

for the past few hour my lust through blogging was so damn high
duh i dont know
some kind of annoying i thing
for sure i know to those out there who read my blog are quiet abused with my post .
by the way. nobody know what the main ideas of all more comfortable to keep it as my secret and let it vanished after a while.
i had bel class everyday. i was mentally n physically high in that class. adrenalin rushed so fast to my brain and vein.
just now,we have to invented a product tht totally no logical at all.
but we had lots of fun doing it though.
i was in the same group with the guys that i rather called provocative and active in all class activity. it is good to be in the same group with em'. where,what i gotta do is represent it to the whole class with the information related are given.

i make new friends today.
not so new i think.
just now i socializing with all of them
being in the group of 5 make us more know them better
i thinks thats all for now
quick update
maybe later
i missed my home wan,mak n family of course like damn hell mising food.

p/s=im the only guy in that group? thats sux.
love ya

malam tadi.

malam tadi aku rasa seperti sedikit emotional.
bukan range waktu 7-12. tidak! waktu itu aku mungkin sedang bercerita dengan amirul arif tentang perkara bangang. memang sudah lari dari tajuk kehidupan. he always come out with stupid things about life stuff.
malam tadi kali pertama aku dapat main internet sampai pukul 3 pagi mungkin.
cukuplah jantung aku jatuh sebab handpfone roomates berbunyi.
malam tadi aku tidur pada pukul 3 pagi
aku main internet sambil2 selak wikipedia

aku dapat mimpi yg pelik buat kali pertama di uitm merbok.
mimpi itu indah. susah aku nak ceritakan tentang mimpi dekat sini.
aku mimpi sesuatu yg aku rasa agak pelik.
pelik sehingga aku sendiri tidak boleh undefine mimpi itu sebenarnya!
kalau dulu bolehlah aku tanya arwh abah tentang mimpi.
n he always come out with lots of facts about my dream. =)
my dad have a magic power i thinks. whenever i lost my fone,purse and etc i always asked from him about where'd i've put it n he always got it correct after calculating something by using his finger.O_O.(im going to cry! seriously,but in the inside yes it is)
i still remembered a month before he died. its some kind of awkward because every night he always chill lepaking with us instead of going out. besides,my dad took us to seremban more regularly then ever. that's heaven i think(i can eat mcdonald every week kowt!). my mom was so happy because every month we went to giant(mom favuorite shopping complex) just to buy groceries(what a adorable mom and wife we have! T_T). but sometimes we do went to seremban just to take mom there n make her heart felt more calm n happy. i really miss that moment. where my mom n dad have an argeument about something silly and after a while my dad will comfort my mom n bring me n my mom to giant than everything gonna be fine and normal like before. T_T(that's was so romantic abah!)
my dad sangat romantic. seriously guys. frankly,i dont know how to define romantic. but by the way my dad act n the way he treat my mother now i know what romantic mean.
being in here make me thinks about my family more. i miss my mom n my dad a lot. my kakak and my abang too.
the things i missed the most about my kampung is the smell of the air early in the morning.
i missed my mom's nagging.(the moment she wake us up for subuh prayer)
i dont know how to defined my feeling right now.
yes i do missed mak,abah,abang hisyam,kak ijah and kak siti.
i missed the time when we still kecik-kecik
where we always bergaduh n merajuk tentang perkara2 bangang. touching tak cakap. tapi itu sekejap jek sooner or later the feeling will vanished. no heart feeling at all. n kitaorang akan bergurau and buat lawak2 sama2 semula.
the thing i missed about abah,is his lame jokes about us. the nickname for us. the way he called us totally different and unique then the way of others called us. what i mean is the nickname that he's invented for us.
mom i love u.

I thought that I had everything
I didn't know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
(away from home teach me how to be a grown up person n mature)

p/s= kak ijah(thanks for the broadband gila membantu,wiki-ing everyday.)

truly missed home and stuff
-hamdan nazri-

linking processing system!

tajuk kat atas tak related langsung dengan apa yg nak aku tulis sekarang
so kehidupan di uitm adalah lebih tenang dan relaks berbanding di uitm
aku admit walaupun kelas lama tapi aku tak rasa bosan terperap dalam bilik 6m X 12m itu
kelas kuliah dan tutor dalam kelas yg sama.
cuma huruf c sahaja yg bertukar.
walaupun kehidupan kat matrik sangat hectic tapi itulah yang seronok.
aku rindu tutor mates n kawan2 kuliah
walaupun aku tak pernah tegur those 2 hot girls kat matriks aku uh
tapi aku teringin sangat nak tegur =.=

lecturer aku di sini agak spektikal dengan program matrikulasi
yelah mana taknya dalam kelas aku sahaja terdapat 10 orang pelajar matriks
-_-',memang harus skeptikal.
bangun pukul3 kat matriks memang best
udara sejuk. buat math dan lukis peta atas kertas kajang!
bangun pagi. bangun lambat. tak payah pergi kelas kita parti atas katil sampai petang!
bila lecturer minta tunjuk sebab bilang ada hal yang memang tak dapat dielakkan .

kat sini aku dapat kawan baru
dapat room mates baru
walaupun mereka sangat awesome tapi mereka juga sama taraf awesome dengan kawan2 di matriks
malaysia sangat kecik kawan! ada ke patut dalam bilik aku nieh adalah kelas mate budak aras aku!
n the other roommates uh plak kawan tutor mates aku kat matriks!
lagi sorang nieh aku tak dapat nak define!
entah mana dia datang.
tapi dia sekolah sok syeikh(tak tahu nak eja!)

aku kawan dengan kawan punya kawan aku kat matriks.
memang masuk air punya budak(klik here)

rumah sudah semakin jauh.
homesick kot aku
kalau kat perak tak rasa sangat
tapi kat merbok gila mendalam wooo.. cibai betul.
aku sudah pandai berjimat mungkin. tiap2 malam aku maggie dua bungkus. it only cost 1.6 jek
ahahah,,malam ini sapik telah mengkhianati aku, selalunya kami akan maggie dua bungkus maggie tapi malam nieh dia makan satu jek.
cibai betul. rupa2nya dia dah kirim nasik bungkus -_-' cis3

rumah jauh.
rindu rumah gila2.
duit memang terbatas.
buku tiada. itu lagi menyedihkan.
aku berdoa supaya budak part2 itu menjualkan buku part1 nya dengan harga yg 2 thumbs up..

benda2 random yg aku jumpa dalam laptop aku..

gambar rumah dan emak sedang memotong rumput.
mak raya haji nieh nak balik kg boleh?


just now we had bel class
everyday we have BEL class
i repeated eh...i mean everyday.
so as mind resting game. our lecturer. name is not necessary show us pictures that related to work career.

lecturer=ok folk, from this picture what is the career of this person
us =photographer
lecturer=this one plak?
us =(picture of cow licking dog appeared) dont know
sapik =(my classmates) PORN STAR!

us =-_-'

Ahad, 15 November 2009

a quick update about something that i found interesting!

i was youtubing just now
n this is what i found.
actually..this vid agak old.
dah lama aired kat youtube
sekarang baru aku nak kongsi!

sangat touch...mungkin!

Selasa, 10 November 2009

moving to the awkward part!

ianya sangat awkward mungkin
hari2 di kmpk masih lagi berbaki sebanyak 4 hari mungkin
n next week akan kedah
mula kehidupan baru
goodbye. good luck for ur second sem ok.
gonna miss u all a lot