Jumaat, 20 November 2009


last night is the worse part of my life.
i was in my room sitting and staring at this 4 walls again
money is the big issues here
i tried to save money as possibly i can
seriously i never done this before
i was being so loony and sarcastic lately. my friend syafiq affandy andf please dont mention about amran and amirul here. one word for both of them hillarious.(hahahahhaa)
syafiq always teach me who to dance like wondergirls -_-'
he know all the step. that funny man. i haven't study anything yet. i tried to do some footnotes but when i start writing it my brain always give a false statement about things that i've read.
so before it getting more annoying i stopped. i rather listening to music and lay on the bed(that's so much relaxing).. last night, i went out for a dinner with bunch of my friends. even though, i was too lazy to go there but i force myself.
i have lots of assignment to do by the way.
thank god. its a group presentation. all i need to do is find the suitable information for our group.
this is the first time of my life celebrating a eid festivals without my siblings. i will celebrate it with my mak cik instead.. my mom gonna visit me there later on.
frankly, i missed science stuff.
but i love history more than sciences subject. L_L(ignore those f's!)
like my friend said "screw u physics!"
i want to add some more.

dear moon i was totally in lovelorn mood.
last night i talked to nurul syafeena binti nasir.
she's awesome.

p/s=this 25th of november my pspm result gonna be announce. hoping for the best.
good luck for others. dont worried. nobody want to kick your ass out. you all gonna be fine. the graph are so damned fucking low. you all gonna stay. believe me it just too easy to achieve 3.0. ignore about the 300 uh. semuanya khabar angin.


2 ulasan:

syafiq affandy bin hasan berkata...

wow nama aku timbul..
wehhh sok takyah gi kelas dow kita berjemaah atas katil.

hamdan_gila2merawan berkata...

aku pun teringin sapik
tapi awal lagi
masih awal untuk tunjuk belang2 baik
later kita buat sesama..