Sabtu, 21 November 2009


what a hillarious day today
today i went to pre-law student meeting. for part1 student
it is good i thinks. fun and in the same time i miss my home so badly
ahahaha,,enough for the homesick statement
such immature i thinks
it kind of awkward living here
it just too far from my home sweet home
ahahaha,,being here make me wanna to pukes and passive sometimes. only with my room mates and course mates i started to talk. i mean i talked to them with a standard tone that i usually used when i was in matriculation.
there are certain part that make me wanna cursed and yes there also a certain part that make me so thankful being here. (gasp!)
but, i know making friends is not easy as making a life partner!(thats more difficult i think.!!!!)

jerit weih jerit

the main theme i post this blog today!

now i know.
there are group of people out there who is building up their gangs and connection
there also a group of people who label and labeling others with the suitable names i thinks.
insanely genius name and very unique though. even, sometimes when i hear about it. it make make wanna to laughing my ass off.
that's so damn good guys.
keep it up.
by the way, i meet new friends today.

i dont know i come from which site of earth and gangs.
but so far i know. i dont want to be the one who label others. and yes i dont mind if u want to labeled me with any kinds of name u like. because i am type of person who doesn't give a shit about a issues like that.
because i know. after all it doesn't make any sense.
O_O. =P

and yes they paid for this gingko!-_-'

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syafiq affandy bin hasan berkata...

highlight of the day: "are you ellena?"

hamdan_gila2merawan berkata...

ellena replied!
yes i am.
any problems with that?
and she gonna ask u back
"by the way syafiq, do you know Q?,shes waiting for you at the food court.!" what a romantic date,
and Q! syafiq was totally in love with you.