Rabu, 18 November 2009

malam tadi.

malam tadi aku rasa seperti sedikit emotional.
bukan range waktu 7-12. tidak! waktu itu aku mungkin sedang bercerita dengan amirul arif tentang perkara bangang. memang sudah lari dari tajuk kehidupan. he always come out with stupid things about life stuff.
malam tadi kali pertama aku dapat main internet sampai pukul 3 pagi mungkin.
cukuplah jantung aku jatuh sebab handpfone roomates berbunyi.
malam tadi aku tidur pada pukul 3 pagi
aku main internet sambil2 selak wikipedia

aku dapat mimpi yg pelik buat kali pertama di uitm merbok.
mimpi itu indah. susah aku nak ceritakan tentang mimpi dekat sini.
aku mimpi sesuatu yg aku rasa agak pelik.
pelik sehingga aku sendiri tidak boleh undefine mimpi itu sebenarnya!
kalau dulu bolehlah aku tanya arwh abah tentang mimpi.
n he always come out with lots of facts about my dream. =)
my dad have a magic power i thinks. whenever i lost my fone,purse and etc i always asked from him about where'd i've put it n he always got it correct after calculating something by using his finger.O_O.(im going to cry! seriously,but in the inside yes it is)
i still remembered a month before he died. its some kind of awkward because every night he always chill lepaking with us instead of going out. besides,my dad took us to seremban more regularly then ever. that's heaven i think(i can eat mcdonald every week kowt!). my mom was so happy because every month we went to giant(mom favuorite shopping complex) just to buy groceries(what a adorable mom and wife we have! T_T). but sometimes we do went to seremban just to take mom there n make her heart felt more calm n happy. i really miss that moment. where my mom n dad have an argeument about something silly and after a while my dad will comfort my mom n bring me n my mom to giant than everything gonna be fine and normal like before. T_T(that's was so romantic abah!)
my dad sangat romantic. seriously guys. frankly,i dont know how to define romantic. but by the way my dad act n the way he treat my mother now i know what romantic mean.
being in here make me thinks about my family more. i miss my mom n my dad a lot. my kakak and my abang too.
the things i missed the most about my kampung is the smell of the air early in the morning.
i missed my mom's nagging.(the moment she wake us up for subuh prayer)
i dont know how to defined my feeling right now.
yes i do missed mak,abah,abang hisyam,kak ijah and kak siti.
i missed the time when we still kecik-kecik
where we always bergaduh n merajuk tentang perkara2 bangang. touching tak cakap. tapi itu sekejap jek sooner or later the feeling will vanished. no heart feeling at all. n kitaorang akan bergurau and buat lawak2 sama2 semula.
the thing i missed about abah,is his lame jokes about us. the nickname for us. the way he called us totally different and unique then the way of others called us. what i mean is the nickname that he's invented for us.
mom i love u.

I thought that I had everything
I didn't know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
(away from home teach me how to be a grown up person n mature)

p/s= kak ijah(thanks for the broadband gila membantu,wiki-ing everyday.)

truly missed home and stuff
-hamdan nazri-

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