Rabu, 18 November 2009

where we had our lives n glory here but its all fade when the polishing thing start to polish it

for the past few hour my lust through blogging was so damn high
duh i dont know
some kind of annoying i thing
for sure i know to those out there who read my blog are quiet abused with my post .
by the way. nobody know what the main ideas of all this.im more comfortable to keep it as my secret and let it vanished after a while.
i had bel class everyday. i was mentally n physically high in that class. adrenalin rushed so fast to my brain and vein.
just now,we have to invented a product tht totally no logical at all.
but we had lots of fun doing it though.
i was in the same group with the guys that i rather called provocative and active in all class activity. it is good to be in the same group with em'. where,what i gotta do is represent it to the whole class with the information related are given.

i make new friends today.
not so new i think.
just now i socializing with all of them
being in the group of 5 make us more know them better
i thinks thats all for now
quick update
maybe later
i missed my home wan,mak n family of course like damn hell mising food.

p/s=im the only guy in that group? thats sux.
love ya

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aKu sEmp0i.... berkata...

bgus blh isi mase lpang ko

hamdan_gila2merawan berkata...

ok gak uh
team mates