Ahad, 10 Oktober 2010


semua pernah rasa patah hati
tapi hidup akulah yang paling malang sekali

two times in the row
i should stop looking.
i should stop working on it.
its holiday babeh
so lets live your life to the max this holiday and for the rest of your life
with any random and mixed feeling
with any love in the ayer
and not to forget spend more of your times with yer families
quality times is the best medicines for this woe'd
so in the mean time. i should stop saying "haishhhhhh"
in everything that happened in my life
because i know i am strong
and strong people don't do "haish" word
it is only for the fags!
so people live your life to the max this holiday
and have a blast weekends and weekdays ahead

owh bye
ok masih patah hati.

2 ulasan:

Akmal Hijaz berkata...

la tahzan hamdan!

hamdan_propamakanda berkata...

thanks akmal hijaz kerana mengingatkan kepada aku
dua patah perkataan itu
yang membawa 1001 makna.