Jumaat, 15 April 2011

before i start reading

before i start flipping through my notes again. tetiba aku rasa nak menaip,
well my english arent that good. thats whylah lepas empat kali ambil pun i still not moving from my old band.
*long sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

today i want to talk about friends
oh yeah. i have lots of them. most of them are good. but some of them. urghh i dont what to says. maybe they know they are so big tick at that point.

well life isnt that wonderful lately, since my wan aunt and uncle are on their trip to paris and london for two weeks me and my mom kena jaga their house. so for the past 2 weeks my life circle begun at 6. i woke up at 6. done my prayer and cycled with my mom to my aunty's house. quite fun, i have to admitted it sometimes.

so my sister as. my third sister to be precise, have move on to kuala lumpur. :(
ok rumah ini bosan. only me and mom at home. walaupun we do a lots of activities together but rasa dia tak sama. since we have lost one of our members here.

this 6months long holiday should not be waste. so i was hoping for the blast. thank anas, ijat and shaz for dragging me into this little biz world. i felt much more productive now, thank you very much. i heart trio of you guys!

so lets sambung baca slide notes MUET nieh
for the sake of band4.

p/s:lately banyak ajar diri redha dengan semua ketentuan Illahi, kalau kali ini tak dapat band4 redha je mungkin rezeki dekat tempat lain. dan dan dan terima kasih kerana mendoakan yang terbaik untuk saya. *menangis terharu sikit*

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