Jumaat, 15 April 2011

dig it

ignore the grammatical error. if you cant stand it, just write a comment and fix my grammar. :0

lets begin
i will be seating for my MUET test this saturday,
by the way this is my third times minus the one that i absence since my mother brought me to Sabah last year
at least i scored bandX for that. which mean i am officially a BEN10 geeks.
so whats the update?

i just finished my foundation studies. Alhamdulillah. thank to Allah and law lecture for giving me C+ for my law. i am freaking scared whenever the consequences is, since after that paper i burst into tears! only god knows how miserable i am at that time. i crying like a mad man.i ignore people around me and cry cry cry like a little baby. thanks to Allah again for blessings me so cool super duper awesome understanding families and friends. i managed to get through. big thanks goes to them.

my CG was okay. i scored 3.00. So if and only i get band4 for this time. yes i will doing law, insya-Allah. but if not, nak buat macam manakan. heh journalism pun boleh juga.

to be frank i dont mind apa-apa course pun yang i will get. as long as i will get a degree. that is more than enough. sounded like "eh budak nie tadak vision ke apa?" "entah tak tengok skop kerja ke apa?"
but listen to me. i am the one who believed in rezeki jika ada rezeki saya ada, kalau tadak maknanya saya harus berusaha lebih. again im sound like positivist. ok thats me. not all the time, but sometimes.

recently everyone want to brag about what courses that they are doing. i know you are super duper awesome students yang buat course that will makes people scream hell out of it. but for me. i will reply with very super duper annoying facial expressions that you have ever seen in your whole life. so please dont brag about it. because im not interested in anything that you're doing now. thank you.

dah jadi post emo pula dah. by the way, i just finished watching a Usage movie. where a girl pretend to lose her virginity to one of the boys in his school. a year senior from her. so heres the story. her bestfriend keep asking her apa yang telah dia lakukan on that date, and one of the question is.
"you guys make out tak?" something like that la. but not in malay. purely in english american accent. so because terlampau annoyed with her so called bestfriend question she replied yes. and walahhh someone in the ladies heard their conversation and that girls is a preacher's daughter. so she spread the rumors about that girl is not a virgin anymore. so the most interesting part is only that girl, the mangsa of fitnah i would call know the truth, instead of doing a bad things to that girl she turned out to be one of the most popular girls school. she dress up like a bitches show her cleavage whenever she got the chances and do "nasty" things kepada sesiapa yang stare at her. not only that she help insan insan yang dipanggil "loser" too. where this bunch of loser will use her as a tool to make themselves to be more appreciated in high school community. lol. it was hilarious yet it is fun to do a good deeds in such bad ways. -__-'. like every movies, everything must come to an end. so that girls clear her names and date a boy yang she ada crushed on, since she was in 8th grade, the best part is, that boy pun ada crushed on her since he was in 8th grade too. oh sweetnya. so end of story.

ok dah habis sinopsis cerita fantasy! see guys esok! salam.
i am too fraking bored so this blog so gonna called my place to tell everything that i think i wanna tell. so guys have a wonderful weekend ahead.

pray to Allah tomorrow will be the day. the day yang will make me smiles each time i see that slip!

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