Sabtu, 16 April 2011

vintage galore.

just google few items about vintage and randomly i found this thing, unique i would called! love their styles. the way they mix and match full with the fashion senses! how i wish i am daring enough to express my own style. dont care about the comments from others, dont care about how bad peoples talk about you, just wear what do you want to wear and hit the town with all eyes lies on you.

a big thanks goes to our big mommas!
ha tak nampak ke? because of her effort sekarang batik dah dapat tempat di hati para penggila street fashion.

p/s: one of my senior  told me this, "hamdan build your confident now, once dalam bilik interview they want to see our confident not about the answer!"

will hit nearest bundle shop later on  just to grab a few square shirt and yes i do craving for acid wash jeans. haha so hayley williams!

thanks uwan for the tshirt!

"i do love london"
walaupun tak pernah sampai!
heee. granny bought for emak a pair of clarks shoes and leather handbag. mom told me yeah its cheap. i asked how much. 50pound. and for the clarks shoes? -______________-.

conversation end.

3 ulasan:

Jasmin Ikhwan Kwan berkata...

incantik. :)

hamdan jean paul glitter berkata...

hahaa. sekarang nieh memang style ka orang pakai macam ini. haha

Syahir Ramli berkata...

oh man!!!mcm haremmm je ak ak yg buta fashion??adew ak kesah...hahahaha
btw,nice post hamdan...