Sabtu, 26 Mac 2011

very short update.

i went to Indonesia for a few days.
bought a few items. and for the very first time of my life
i got the chances to feel what is like to be a millionaire
thanks mom for the rupiah
and thanks sister for swiping me your credit card whenever i run out of money
kah kah kah

oh not to forget
happy holiday to all pre-lawrians

i've done my part, now let HIM do the rest. :)

2 ulasan:

Inche gabbana berkata...

eyy anda sudah balik...!! xD

tahniahhh...! dan selamat bercuti..! ;)

hamdan jean paul glitter berkata...

yaaa inche gabbana saya sudah pulang ke dunia maya. haha ritu sudah pulang ke merbok! dan exammmm. weeee